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via: Relevant Magazine writer, Allison Vesterfelt

“Hello?” My husband says to me, leaning into my view. He’s trying to get my attention but my head is buried in my smartphone.

“I just asked you a question,” he says. “Did you even hear me?”

I wish I had a better answer but the truth is, I don’t.

Inside the New York Times

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a discussion about the effects of smart phones on our relationship. It’s a conversation on repeat, actually; one that changes direction constantly, depending on the circumstance. One day it’s him, exasperated with my obsessive tendency to get my Instagram shot just right. The next day it’s me, incensed that he would interrupt my life-altering anecdote about snow globes to peek down at the flashing light on his phone.

But no matter which way the conversation goes, it always has one fear in common. It always leaves both of us wondering: Are cell phones ruining our relationship?

I don’t think we’re the only ones.

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I was at a dinner party recently where the social mix, and the conversation flow as a result, was slightly awkward. Not everyone knew each other, and personalities may not have been matched very well. So about thirty minutes in, all eight people at the “party” turned their attention to their smart phones. You know the drill. The only “conversation” happening was when, every now and then, one person would giggle and explain that so-and-so had just tweeted the cutest picture of kittens or a hilarious new GIF.

But it’s more than just a bad dinner party experience. Studies on the subject are not all too flattering of our phones. More than 80 percent of Americans use smart phones, but apparently they compromise our sleep, reduce our social awareness, and make us stupid.

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