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It’s no wonder that petitions to cancel school the day after Halloween are popular. And many school districts across the country are starting to take notice.

WCVB is reporting that Polk County Schools in Florida are considering it for next year.

The school district posted to Facebook on Monday (10/28), “We received a few inquiries today about a petition circulating on, calling for an official school holiday this Friday, the day after Halloween. We respect the spirit of grassroots activism behind the petition, which currently numbers more than 13,000 signatures. We also appreciate the honesty of students who signed the petition, as well as their comments, which include: ‘Because I don’t wanna go to school right after consuming 50 pounds of candy.’ Unfortunately, our yearly school calendar is set well in advance, and barring an emergency, we can not close schools on short notice. We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. Our school nurses will be ready to assist you with any candy-related ailments when you return … on Friday.”

Polk County Public Schools

We've enjoyed visiting some of our elementary schools this year to p... resent a new anti-bullying campaign, Friends Are Everywhere. The program features students volunteering to come up on stage, bring a friend with them, and explain what makes them friends.

20,041 in that area are in favor of taking off the day after Halloween off.

The petition reads in part, “We have a holiday for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and Presidents’ Day, but we don’t have anything for Halloween nothing at all so with this petition let’s make a change for good.”

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