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With Michigan stopping all dining in at restaurants and bars beginning at 3 p.m. today (March 16), it’s obvious the drop in foot traffic will have a a negative impact on the local businesses we so love.

One way to help keep these local businesses solvent is by purchasing a gift card or some other merchandise from them online. Ordering takeout food is also a way to support local restaurants, as many restaurants currently still offer takeout options.

So, now that you’re stuck at home, why not use the downtime to support some of your favorite local businesses online?

Bars and restaurants

With St. Patrick’s Day events called off this year and bars being closed for the foreseeable future, these local establishments could use a major dose of love, as could local restaurants. Mabel Gray in Hazel Park took to Facebook to say that while there isn’t an online option available for purchasing a gift card, you can email them at with your cell phone number, and they’ll get one made for you and sent out. Founders Brewing Company in Detroit and Grand Rapids has gift cards available here. Brome Modern Eatery, which has locations in Detroit and Dearborn, has gift cards available here. Hit up your favorite Detroit-area bars and restaurants to see if they offer gift cards or takeout food.

Coffee shops

Biggby coffee has a full online store where you can support the Michigan-based coffee house by purchasing gift cards and other merchandise. Check it out here. A few more locally-owned coffee shops that have options to purchase coffee or merchandise online include Astro Coffee here and The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company here. Call over to your favorite local coffee spot or find their website to see if they offer goods online.

Record stores

Record Store Day has been pushed back from April to June due to coronavirus, and coupled with shops being closed, it’s a given that local record shops won’t get the usual big boost they receive in April. Contact your favorite shop and support them with a gift card or, if they don’t offer gift cards, see if they have an online store. Ripe Records Detroit has an online store via Discogs here with plenty of items for sale, as does Underground Vinyl here. Third Man Records has a full online store here.

Local theaters

Theaters and production facilities across the state are ending productions early due to COVID-19. It’s especially easy to help local theaters that are suspending performances– just head to the “box office” section of their websites and purchase tickets to an upcoming show this summer or fall.

Bands and musicians

With concerts being canceled for the month of March, and possibly longer, bands and musicians who rely on that touring income are hurting. If a show you planned to see in March got canceled or postponed, it’s a good time to purchase a merch item instead. Most bands, whether they’re local or national, have an online store to purchase merchandise or digital music. Even if it’s just purchasing a new song online, everything helps.

Keep rocking, all.

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