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Ken Gross, local attorney and host of The Law & Reality TV Show, will dedicate the next three shows to money management practices for individuals and families in light of the worldwide health crisis caused by the Coronavirus. This virus has forced many businesses to close, residents to hunker down in their homes and children to stay home from school. That in turn has led to financial uncertainty for many. 

Gross announced on Tuesday, “We will focus on the tough questions: Should you tap the cash on your credit cards? Should you pay rent or hold the money? Should you tap your IRA for money,” Gross explained. “We are going to cover what people need to know in these unprecedented times and offer help.”

The segments, which will air during the Show’s new 8 a.m. Sunday morning time slot on WKBD TV-50, will cover the following topics:

Sunday, March 22: We all need a Coronavirus Survival Plan

Sunday, March 29: COVID-19 Prioritization and Preservation

Sunday, April 5: COVID -19 There Will be Solutions

The show, which repeats at 5 a.m. Tuesdays, features Gross along with Brian Small, Pat Simasko and Jeff Linden and covers legal issues such as debts, taxes, elder law, estate planning and business matters.

A well-known and respected business lawyer in the community with a creative, unique approach to addressing financial issues, Gross was recognized as a Leader in the Law in 2011 by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.  He is an expert in addressing individual and business financial problems, and has hosted hundreds of free seminars on debt reduction, among other topics.

Gross is also the author of “Dump Your Debt.” The book is a how-to for people to address foreclosure, tax debt, loan modifications and other money woes. Law and Reality can be heard each Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. and Saturday mornings at 7 a.m. on the Detroit Praise Network

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