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Check out Will Smith rapping with Joyner Lucas on the “Will” remix!

For those that didn’t know, Will started his rap career back in 1985 with DJ Jazzy Jeff and had a string of hits that followed him all the way into the mid-2000s.

Will teased a new album back in February however…he didn’t divulge any details.

Check out Joyner Lucas knocking it out of the park with the original “Will” track…

Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

Stream now: ADHD Merch: Written and Distributed on Tully:

Will and Jaden Smith watch & react to Joyner Lucas’ “Will” (Remix) video. Lucas admits Will is his idol…

I Finally Met Joyner Lucas

Here's an extended cut of my interview with Joyner Lucas from my new show #WillFromHome on Snapchat! Check out our other episodes here:

What are YOUR thoughts on “Will” and the “Will” remix?

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