Here’s a June update from Eastern Market!


Online flower sales are open now!

Watch our Facebook live stream featuring flower growers.

Online flower sales are open now through Tuesday, June 2nd for in-person pick-up at the market on Thursday, June 4th. This pick-up is not a drive-thru. If growers still have product available we will also reopen for orders on June 7 – 9 with pick up on June 11
Thank you to all our customers who supported our “pilot” for online flower sales in the past two weekends.

A Reminder about your order Pick-up:

When:Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Where: The parking lot at 2934 Russell St.
How: Park your vehicle in the designated area and proceed to each vendor to pick up your order. There is no drive-thru.
Payment options: If you did not pay by credit card at the time of purchase you will pay by credit card or cash at pick-up.
What to bring:  Please bring a printed copy of your order to facilitate the order process.



Saturday Market

The market is still open for business every Saturday from 6am-4pm. We have vendors with food, plants, & personal care products. We’re shifting market procedures & spaces as much as possible to limit contact and meet social distancing requirements.

Saturday Market Food Boxes
Orders for June 6th will open June 1st at noon
Pre-order your food during the week, pick-up on Saturday from 10am-3pm. Quantities are limited, but this service will continue.

3) SEASONAL MARKET CHANGES: Tuesday and Sunday

Tuesday Drive-Thru Market

Items for the June 2nd
We’re partnering with Eastern Market district wholesalers to offer no-contact bulk food purchases on Tuesdays from 9am-1pm.  OUR LAST DATE FOR THIS IS TUESDAY JUNE 2

Tuesday Seasonal Markets

Our seasonal Tuesday Market will start on June 9 (Tuesday is a smaller version of Saturday with food/produce, Yoga and Zumba in a socially distanced format). Stay tuned for hours and schedules (usually 9am to 1pm)

Sunday Street Markets

 This Market will start on Sunday June 21(traditionally 10AM to 4PM).  Sunday Street Market features personal care products and Michigan Made items. Stay tuned for vendors and schedules.