They patrol the streets by day, but in their free time, Detroit police officers India Washington and Marcus Harris II are inside a local dance studio, teaching kids free dance, hoping to help keep them off the streets.

At Exhibit 8 Studios in Detroit, the free session is part of what’s offered from the new non profit Detroit Culture Company Inc.

Morning anchor for Local 4 News Today, Evrod Cassimy, interviewed the pair – on location. “We are a free hip-hop dance program for the city of Detroit youth, but we also offer mentorship, career enrichment classes and black college tours for the Detroit high school students,” said founder India Washington.

Detroit Culture Company LLC

Thanks to @local4news & @evrodcassimy for the interview for our dance company. We are just doing what God put us here to do. Click below to watch. If you wanna donate go to How...

“It’s beneficial because it’s bringing hip-hop to Detroit and kids love to dance you know?” said Harris…“Occasionally we always find youth fighting and just doing things that might get them in trouble primarily near the boulevard on Grand River,” Washington explained. “We’ve encountered these kids so much, we build a relationship with them on a positive aspect. Instead of giving them tickets we get to know them more.”

Their program is just getting started. For more information on Detroit Culture Company and if you would like to get involved yourself, you can visit their Facebook page, HERE!

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