While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest host Anthony Anderson, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace brushed aside President Donald Trump’s recent remarks referring to the noose that was found in his garage stall in Talladega a few weeks back a “hoax.”

The FBI conducted an investigation and found no evidence of a hate crime, concluding the noose had been hanging in the garage for at least a year and was being used as a door pull. Nearly two weeks later, Trump decided to weigh in, calling the incident a “hoax” on Twitter and saying Wallace should apologize to his NASCAR colleagues.

Wallace responded to the tweet, saying, “Yeah, you know when I first read it, I was like, man, there’s so much more things that are going on in the world that I feel like he should be worried about. But it’s hard to get people to understand, especially when the facts are delivered on the table, and they’ve been there for two weeks now. To be late to the party is one thing, and to be wrong on the factual information is another.”

Wallace is NASCAR’s only full-time Black driver.