NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 13: Mariah Carey attends the premiere of Tyler Perry's "A Fall From Grace" at Metrograph on January 13, 2020 in New York City.

Mariah Carey recently announced that her forthcoming memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey is on the way. “The Elusive Chartreuse” shared a letter on Instagram late Wednesday night (July 8) explaining the news.

“I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light,” Carey wrote in the caption of a photo of her letter. “It took me a lifetime to have the courage and the clarity to write my memoir. I want to tell the story of the moments. The ups and downs. The triumphs and traumas, the debacles and the dreams, that contributed to the person I am today,” Carey said in her letter.

“Though there have been countless stories about me throughout my career and very public personal life, it’s been impossible to communicate the complexities and depths of my experience in a single magazine article or a ten-minute television interview.”

“And even then, my words were filtered through someone else’s lens, largely satisfying someone else’s assignment to define me,” Carey continued.

“This book is composed of my memories, my mishaps, my struggles, my survival, and my songs. Unfiltered. I went deep into my childhood and gave the scared little girl inside of me a big voice. I let the abandoned and ambitious adolescent have her say, and the betrayed and triumphant woman I became tell her side.”

The “Someday” singer said the writing her memoir was an incredibly “hard, humbling, and healing” experience.  The memoir was co-written by journalist and writer Michaela Angela Davis. It hits shelves on September 29, 2020, and can be pre-ordered here.



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