The Ventura Sheriff’s department has released surveillance video from the day Naya Rivera disappeared while on a boat with her son.

“This is the recording from the security camera at the boat launch when Naya Rivera and her son arrived to rent a pontoon boat at Lake Piru. The video will show them departing the dock and travel north in the lake,” the post says along with the footage.

The 16-minute video shows Naya and Josey, parking and getting out of her car. It then shows them walking to the dock. Later in the clip, you can see them get on the boat and drive off.

As reported, in a media briefing yesterday a Ventura County Sheriff Deputy confirmed that there are no signs of foul play and no signs that anything went wrong other than a tragic accident. He explained their search, saying, “The goal is still to bring Ms. Rivera home to her family so that they can have closure.”

He also added that Lake Piru is not a natural lake, but rather a man-made reservoir. “It is deep. Up to 130 feet in spots and loaded with debris on the bottom.”

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