A lot of fans (and even non-fans) have expressed concern about Kanye West’s mental state, but his friend Dave Chappelle did something about it. He trekked out to Kanye’s ranch in Wyoming to see how he has been doing.

‘Ye tweeted a video from the visit, saying, “Thank you Dave for hopping on a jet to come see me doing well. Dave you are a Godsend and a true friend. All Love.”

The video is a bit awkward, with West asking Chappelle to “make us smile.” West then requested a joke, and Chappelle mentions that he was only on his first cup of coffee. He then asked for an uplifting joke, and Chappelle said, “You know I don’t write those!”

He also posted a video of his friends 88 Keys (a producer and occasional collaborator) and John Monopoly (his former manager).