David Blaine is gearing up for his first stunt in almost ten years. The optical illusionist is planning on flying through the air with the help of helium-filled balloons, similar to what Carl, Russell, and Dug did in the Pixar movie Up.

David Blaine has been teasing the show on social media with various photos of balloons flying through the sky. In a recent tweet about the upcoming performance, he wrote, “This stunt has been 10 years in the making. Let’s turn worry into wonder and take magic to new heights. #DavidBlaineAscension.”

David Blaine Ascension will debut on his YouTube channel. The streaming service teased the stunt, saying, “@DavidBlaine is taking magic to new heights as he ascends into the sky holding nothing but a bunch of balloons.”

The David Blaine Ascension special will air on August 31. Watch the trailer below.

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