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Skai Jackson had a bit of a misstep during her latest ‘DWTS’ performance, but quickly recovered thanks to her partner Alan Bersten and his healthy head of hair!

Skai Jackson, 18, slipped and stumbled a bit during her samba performance with partner Alan Bersten, 26, on the September 23rd episode of Dancing With The Stars.

Skai posted this slo-mo on her personal Instagram account:

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Skai reported, “When we were doing the move, everything was totally fine before that,” Skai admitted. “It was, honestly, the floor was just really slippery. There was confetti before, which made it even more slippery. Because when we did it in rehearsal, we never fell or anything. But it’s totally fine. I mean, people stumble. Beyonce has stumbled before. I mean, of course, it’s a little bit upsetting but next week is going to be great.”

Here’s more on what Skai has to say about the ‘DWTS’ slip-up:

Alan praised his partner Skai’s ability to keep it going and not let the slip-up stop the dance, “One of the most impressive things to me is that Skai didn’t stop,” Alan said. “That’s something that a lot of people would have stopped after, and the fact that she kept going, in my opinion, she even came back stronger.”

Watch the full dance, here:

Skai Jackson's Samba - Dancing with the Stars

Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten dance the Samba to "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo on Dancing with the Stars 2020!

Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten’s samba got a 15 out of 30. (ABC)

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