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BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 22: The Google logo is on display during the press tour before the festive opening of the Berlin representation of Google Germany on January 22, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The official opening will take place tonight with Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

Don’t you hate it when you get a song stuck in your head, and you can’t even remember what it is?

Google is coming to the rescue! Google is adding a fresh “hum to search” feature to its search tools that will allow you to hum, whistle or sing a song, and then use special machine learning techniques to try to figure out its identity.

The feature just arrived via the Google app on both iOS and Android or in Google Assistant.

To get the song help, simply ask Google, “What’s the song,” or click the “search a song” button and hum. Google will then give you some likely songs that fit the hum.

How wild is that? Check it out here.

Anne Erickson's love for music drew her into radio, and she started shortly after graduating from MSU. She has a passion for rock and metal, plus local music. She also fronts the band Upon Wings. Email Anne at [email protected] and tweet at her @AnneErickson!