Twista recently got called out on for a social media post where he body shamed Gabourey Sidibe.

On Instagram, Twista posted a “Who y’all choosing, A or B” meme for fans to pick from. Side A had a photo of Gabourey Sidibe. Above her, it said,  “401k, make $30 a hour, own house, own car, no kids.”

Side B had a photo of  Instagram model Bernice Burgos. Above her, it said, “No job, staying couch 2 couch, no car, 12k followers on Ig, 3 kids, 3 baby daddies.”

Gabourey Sidibe saw the post and threw some shade at Twista in the comments. She wrote, “Wow. I um…gee. @Twistamg I only like you as a rapper I forgot about in 2005. But good luck with option B!” with a kissy face emoji.

Now, since getting called out by fans and Gabourey, Twista has apologized.

He wrote, “My true fans know my character! I operate my page, but I also have other people with my company do so as well, that mistake was made by an employee! Totally not my views or thought process! Everyone is beautiful in my eyes! And I also believe your character and personality defines a persons beauty more than their physical beauty.”

“@gabby3shabby has always been a beautiful black woman to me! As soon as I saw the post, I was upset and immediately corrected it! So I apologize for letting something like this happen! Once again it’s completely out of my character to have those kind of opinions or make that kind of posts!!!”

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