On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kenya Moore was asked who she never wanted to be paired with again on the TV show. Kenya’s response: Sherri Shepherd.

She said, “Sherri Shepherd. That was probably my worst appearance. I thought she was trying to take over the show. She was very arrogant, so Sherri.”

Then Andy Cohen noted that during that episode, Sherri kept calling Kenya “Kendra.” Kenya responded and said,  “She thought she was still on The View, and she didn’t know she had apparently been fired.”

When asked by her Dish Nation co-hosts about was Kenya said, Sherri’s response was full of shade.

She said, “It was so funny cuz I was trying to remember when I did watch Watch What Happens Live with ‘Kendra,’ I was trying to remember. And I, I wish that ‘Kendra’ could pay me to care like she paid those dudes to be her boyfriend after season 10 before she got fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“I do remember taking over because it took so long for you to get a thought out of your head. I had to fill up the space. And, you know, before I left The View, we won our first Emmy, ‘Kendra’… The ratings have never been higher since I have left, so there you go, ‘Kendra’  Have a great day.”

Watch the entertaining clip here.

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