The ice cream company is releasing two new Doggie Desserts: “Pontch’s Mix” and “Rosie’s Batch” —  “named after two real dogs in the Ben & Jerry’s office,” according to a press release....

The ice-cream giant announced Monday that they are introducing new flavors just for canines, available in 4 oz. individual containers and multipacks, “in supermarkets, mass retailers and select pet stores nationwide,” the company shared.

According to the release, the new Doggie Desserts have a sunflower-butter base instead of dairy to be gentler on the dogs’ stomachs. The first flavor “Pontch’s Mix” is a swirled peanut-butter-and-pretzel concoction, while “Rosie’s Batch” offers the “cool creaminess of pumpkin and mini cookies.”

The company will also carry pet accessories on its website, such as an ice cream cone plush toy and Ben & Jerry’s swag for dogs, including a tie-dye leash.

Lindsay Bumps, a certified veterinary technician and global marketing specialist for Ben & Jerry’s, says the company was inspired by the bond their customers have with their pets.

Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts will be available on store shelves this month for a suggested retail price of $2.99 to $4.99.