There is a new mural in Houston, Texas, to honor George Floyd. According to CNN, the art, which spans two blocks, is located directly in front of Floyd’s alma mater, Jack Yates High School.

The mural says, “Black Lives Matter,” and there is a football jersey with the number 88 next to it, which is what George Floyd wore when he played at the school.

There was a dedication ceremony for the mural over the weekend. During the event, the chairman of the Houston Society for Change stated, “We come to celebrate the life and legacy of our hometown hero, Mr. George Floyd.

The chairman also referred to George Floyd as a guiding light and said the mural was placed directly in front of the school “to inspire students and give a voice to the struggle for social justice in Houston and the world.”

Rodney Ellis, Harris County Commissioner, also spoke about the new landmark. He said, “It’s important for all of us… to say George Floyd’s name. But we don’t stop there. The criminal justice in America and in Harris County is replete with racism, is replete with inequities and there are far too many people who look like George Floyd going to county jail who ought to be somewhere else.”

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