Many people associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love, but there are other ways to show and express love and kindness on this day.

Below are 3 fun and easy ways to make someone feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day.

1. Brighten up a sick child’s day by sending a free Valentine’s ecard to St. Jude kids.   

For details, Click here.


2. Send a card to a senior citizen.

Over 2 million older adults live in residential care settings in the U.S., and amid the pandemic, many people are not able to see family and friends. Many have also lost their loved ones and are left feeling lonely and depressed.  AARP is helping to spread love with mailable or ecard Valentines for older adults.

For more info, click here.

3. Reach out to your local hospital and send nurses cards and candy expressing appreciation for all they do!

We all know how dedicated our local doctors and nurses are. What better day than today to treat them with a heartfelt card and a little sweet treat to show appreciation?

Contact your local hospital or health care center for guidelines.