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Sandra Epps is determined to expand her Sandy’s Land LLC into something uplifting and positive for visitors to learn about their positive history and culture, while also inspiring little brown girls to love themselves. That “something” is the Black Doll Museum & Butterfly Garden which will be in Detroit.

Posted by Sandy's Land Entertainment on Monday, February 15, 2021

The project, due to begin this year, will be built out of shipping containers and include Black dolls, a space to host art parties, doll-making workshops, as well as black historians, therapists and gardening classes.

Sandra said the vision for the butterfly garden is because, “The Butterfly represents the rash that appears on a lupus patient’s face when they are experiencing a flare-up.” Epps survived three near-death experiences due to lupus. “The butterfly is also symbolic of hope, transformation, peace, and prosperity. And these vivid and powerful insects are now quasi-extinct due to lack of habitat caused by new development, pesticides, and climate change.”

Currently Sandra conducts art parties and hosts the Detroit Doll Show which is the largest black doll show of its kind. (Source: To help this local visionary make it happen log onto: