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Being a Pug mom to an almost 18 year old Pug myself, I can attest to how dramatic Pugs can be.  This is why, when it comes to the dreaded “nail clipping day”, many Pug parents will not hesitate to take their fur-babies to a professional.

Shout-out to the dog parents who are daring enough to attempt it themselves. Check out Sunday’s Viral Video picks below!

(Don’t worry…no dogs were harmed in the making of these videos!)

First Place:

Pug acts dramatic cutting its nails

Credit : @'s in the videoLike and subscribe for more funny videos like thisFollow me on my socials:Instagram:

Runner Up:

Dramatic Pug Dog Scream at Vet while Getting Nails Clipped

This Pug dog really hates getting his nails cut and he screams like a human at vet while getting his nails clipped is so funny, and his face is so priceless ...

Not a Pug, but worthy of Honorable Mention:

overdramatic dog faints while a lady tries to cut its nail - 1067380

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