(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Happy National Bridesmaid Day!

Who else has been a bridesmaid way too many times? It was fun at first, but I admit that I have a closet of bridesmaid dresses, and nothing to do with them!

Here are some ideas for what to do with those old bridesmaid dresses!

Donate them. Whenever prom rolls around, often times, second hand stores will give free prom dresses to girls in need, and that includes your bridesmaid dresses. Call around to see if someone in your area is offering this kind of service, and if so, donate that dress!

Alter them. Who says you can’t take a bridesmaid dress and turn it into something completely different? Try making it into a cute, short cocktail dress. Nobody will know it’s just an old bridesmaid dress!

Keep them. If you just can’t take the thought of getting rid of your bridesmaid dresses or altering them, put them in storage. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a use for them down the road!

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