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Some people take Halloween seriously- really seriously. I totally appreciate that. I love all things Halloween, especially dressing up, so it’s fun to see people get into the spirit.

That said, one Michigan woman is so enthusiastic about Halloween that it’s resulted in 911 calls and visits from police. According to USA Today, Detroit’s LaRethia Haddon has decorated her lawn for 25 years with a dummy that looks like a dead body.

Apparently, her setup is so realistic, that it’s resulted in some calls to 911! Detroit Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell tells USA Today that, usually, they don’t get too many extra calls about Halloween costumes or decorations.

“People don’t hesitate, they pick up the phone and call 911 if somebody needs help,” Fornell said. “We get calls like that every day, and they’re all real incidents. That type of call doesn’t bother us at all. That’s a justifiable call. We don’t see that as an issue.”

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