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With Halloween on the way, many people are thinking about their fears. Pretty much everyone has a phobia of some sort. For some, it’s flying. For others, it might be heights. My biggest phobia is probably flying, but that’s not a major one in Michigan, according to a new study.

The folks at YourLocalSecurity.com have put together a list of each state’s biggest phobia using their report of Google Trends. They “reviewed search volume over the past year to determine the most searched phobia in each state,” according to the site.

For Michigan, the No. 1 phobia is actually quite expected: water. With all the Great Lakes, that seems like a very appropriate phobia, although I have to say that I love water. What’s funny is that in Montana, the top searched phobia is “fear of humans.” Nice!

View the full list of each state’s phobia here.

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