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This week, the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association Board voted to give consumers refunds that stem from Michigan’s Auto No-fault insurance reforms. Michiganders, including me, are stoked to hear we’ll be getting back some auto insurance money. After all, auto insurance isn’t cheap.

So, how much will you get from the refunds?

On Monday (Nov. 1), Governor Gretchen Whitmer asked the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association to give refunds of up to $675 per vehicle to be given to every Michigan resident with auto insurance. However, also on Monday, MCCA executive director Kevin Clinton made comments implying the refunds will probably average at least $100 per vehicle.

According to the MCCA, specifics on the amount of the refunds, a timeline and more will be announced the “next several weeks.” Time will tell if we get $100 or $600 per vehicle, but I’m crossing my fingers for the latter. The MCCA currently has a $5 billion surplus. Hopefully the payments will come before Christmas, too.

The refund stems from a bipartisan auto insurance reform law, Senate Bill 1, signed by Whitmer in 2019. The MCCA states that their “goal is to issue the largest possible refunds to consumers while maintaining sufficient funds to ensure high-quality care to those who have been catastrophically injured.”

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