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Watching TV is obviously a favorite pastime for many Americans, and Michiganders are no exception. With that in mind the staff at CenturyLink took it upon themselves to find out the most popular TV show in Michigan.

Specifically, CenturyLink looked at TV sitcoms, so the findings only include that category of TV viewing. To discover the most popular TV sitcom in Michigan, CenturyLink analyzed data from ScreenRant, Moms.com, and YardBarker to put together a list of the 30 most popular TV family sitcoms. Then, they put the 12 most popular shows into Google Trends to find the most searched sitcom in Michigan for the past year.

So, when it comes to Michiganders, what do we love to watch? It’s a classic: The Simpsons. We’re not alone, either, as The Simpsons was the most popular family sitcom for the entire U.S., according to CenturyLink.

On top of the Michigan finding, the report found that using 2020 data from Nielsen, there was a “substantial increase” in the time Americans watched family TV shows over the past year, to boot.

Some Reasons We Love Michigan in the Winter:

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