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So far, this November hasn’t brought much snow to Michigan- until now. The snow is finally coming, and I’m ready. The West Coast was hit with a major storm system earlier this week, and now, it’s heading to Michigan.

So, where is the snow going to land, and how much is Michigan going to get?

The best chance for accumulating snow throughout most of Michigan is Sunday and Sunday night (Nov. 14), according to predictions at Weather.com. Saturday is warmer, so there’s less of a chance of getting snow that sticks that day for most of the state, unless you’re far north.

How much snow are we talking about? On Sunday, the Weather.com predictions point at a couple of inches of snow for much of southern Lower Michigan and more in the north. That’s huge, considering we haven’t had any snow yet this season. If temperatures rise during the day, the snow will melt, but we’ll definitely be able to see the white stuff.

In Detroit, Weather.com predicts, “Snow during the morning will mix with rain at times during the afternoon,” with a chance of snow at 80%. Sunday night, they predict a 50% chance of snow. Other areas of the state are similar, with more snow the more northern you go. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you’ve spotted snow, let me know on Twitter via @AnneErickson, Facebook here and Instagram here.

Some Reasons We Love Michigan in the Winter:

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