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Last year was a big one for stimulus checks, due to the pandemic, but this year has brought a few stimulus bonuses, too. Eligible families across the U.S. are scoring $300 checks this week, and there’s one more payment on the way for December. So, do you qualify?

The funds are part of the expanded federal Child Tax Credit, which increased the amount of funds people could claim for each child and allowed the first half of the new credit to go directly to families during the last six months of 2021.

Here’s information on how much you’ll get, if you’re eligible:

Child under 6 – $300
Child 6 to 17 – $250

There are some income limitations, which you can find on the IRS website. December will mark the final payment. No word yet on if the expanded Child Tax Credit will continue in 2022, but the Biden administration has expressed the desire to expand it.

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