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Michigan weather has been weird lately, and that trend is going to continue. While weather has been mild lately, this weekend is going to be nothing short of wild weather. Read on for what to expect, especially if you’re traveling in Michigan this weekend.

Friday (Dec. 10) was pretty mild during the day, but a large storm will move across much of Michigan tonight, according to the National Weather Service. Precipitation will move across the state, with some areas getting hit with rain and others getting snow, depending how north you fall. For information on areas getting hit with lots of snow, go here.

Then, major wind will be an issue. The National Weather Service has issued a high wind watch for Saturday (Dec. 11) for the entire SE lower Michigan and Southern Ontario. Wind gusts could get up to 60mph. While it will be windy overnight, the biggest winds will come Saturday. Rains could get heavy Saturday, so if you’re in an area that’s often flooded, be warned. Temperatures will fall throughout the day.

Sunday looks much less wacky, with sunshine and calm weather throughout much of Michigan, according to the NWS, but colder temperatures.

Why We Love About Michigan in the Winter:

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