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I feel like bagels are a little bit nostalgic. I was a kid when bagels started to become all the rage, and I remember everyone having them at birthday parties and school breakfast events. Bagels were the hottest item around.

Bagels are still popular, and the staff at Eat This, Not That! has done the research to determine the best place to find a bagel in Michigan. I wonder if they had to eat a bunch of bagels in the process, because that would be fun.

The website states that those with traditional taste buds might order “plain, egg, onion, and everything bagels topped with cream cheese, and there are more adventurous bagel fanatics who like to turn the simple pastry into a sandwich filled with everything from eggs to guacamole.” To determine where to get the best bagels, Eat This, Not That! looked at reviews, opinions of locals, and their own experiences.

So, what’s the top spot? New York Bagel, available at various locations. Kind of ironic that it’s named New York, right?

“Customers rave about the incredibly fresh bagels at this 100-year old shop that’s been run by the same family for four generations,” the website states. “‘This is the freshest bagel I’ve ever eaten! Hot, chewy in that perfect bagel way,’ said one reviewer.”

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