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Michigan is known for its snow and, yes, White Christmas traditions. So, will the Mitten get a white Christmas this year? As the big day approaches, it’s getting more set-in-stone about what kind of weather forecast Michigan is going to get. So, let’s get into it.

December has been unseasonably warm most of the month of Michigan. While the past few days have been frigid, by Christmas, the temperatures are going to go up again.

The latest projections via the National Weather Service show a storm moving into the western Lake Superior region on Christmas Eve. The storm will bring southerly winds, ushering in that warm up, and any precipitation is likely to be rain. “I’m dreaming of a rainy Christmas” is not how the famous song goes, I must note. The best shot for seeing real, bona fide snow on Christmas Day is in parts of upper Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, which do have a chance for some light snow.

For those who want it to actually feel like Christmas, the good news is that the colder air will move in on Christmas Day. Dry air will come in with it, which lessons the chance of snowfall. Hence, we might get a few flurries on Christmas Day, but not much else. In other words, our chance of a white Christmas is dismal at this point. At least that’s good news for drivers, though.

Christmas Eve temperatures are projected to be in the 40s and 50s for much of Lower Michigan. Christmas Day temperatures will be lower, but not super freezing. I’m not a fan of snow, even on Christmas, so this is fine by me, but I feel from my snow-loving friends.

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