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Takeout has become increasingly common the past few years, especially when area dining halls were closed and getting takeout was the only way to support your local eatery. So, who has the best takeout in Michigan? It’s a hot topic, since everyone has their favorites. I prefer any kind of Middle Eastern food for takeout, complete with hummus and salad, but that’s just me.

Eat This, Not This! has done the legwork to determine the best to-go dish in all of Michigan. I’m sure they had fun tasting different to-go dishes for this story. In the study, Eat This, Not This! states, “amid the pandemic, takeout became special and a way to stay connected with favorite restaurants amid shutdowns and restrictions. Chefs mastered ways to prepare their best dishes in a to-go format. They carried on with carryout. And if you’re still all about that takeout life, there are plenty of spots you might not have truly yet that are offering up some truly delicious meals to-go.”

So, who carries the best to-go dish in all of Michigan? According to the study, No. 1 is “Dry-Aged New York Strip from Grey Ghost in Detroit.”

“Named after a Prohibition-era rum runner along the Detroit River, Grey Ghost’s menu will hit a high note with meat-eaters (filet mignon is on the menu) and veggie lovers (kale tempura is, too),” the pub states. “The Dry-Aged New York Strip is served with a bright chimichurri sauce. Take home some carrot tartare, too, for some fine dining. Find the full list here.

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