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College can be expensive. I know this first hand, since I have both an undergraduate and master’s degree from Michigan State University. To help combat the high cost of higher education, some colleges have introduced programs to help students get the funding they need to succeed.

Now, one Michigan university has announced it’s offering free tuition to some students throughout the state.

Grand Valley State University is expanding its free tuition program to all low-income families in Michigan, according to a press release from the school. The program, which was launched last year, initially was limited to students from six counties in West Michigan. Going forward, all Michigan residents who qualify are able to get the savings. The qualify for the program, which is called the Grand Valley Pledge, new students must come from families with an income of less than $50,000 per year. Around 400 students who qualified were enrolled at Grand Valley during the fall term, according to a release. Grand Valley President Philomena Mantella says she doesn’t want finances – or lack thereof – to play a role in students’ success.

The University of Michigan also has a program similar to the Grand Valley Pledge for in-state students from families that make $65,000 or less per year.

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