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Michigan has dodged a great amount of snow and ice lately, especially when you look at what our southern friends have been getting this winter season. They’ve literally been slammed with snow this entire season. Sure, we’ve experienced sub-zero temperatures in Michigan, but I’ll take the bitterly cold, dry air over a moderately cold, wet climate any day. However, it appears Michigan’s luck is about to change, as the beginning of February is setting itself up to bring some of that moist air north.

According to Weather.com, Wednesday and Thursday of next week (Feb. 2 and 3) are likely to get messy. Their report states that we could get a mix of heavy precipitation those two days, although it’s not clear whether that will be a rain/snow mix or just plain snow. If it’s the latter, expect to see several inches of accumulating snow over much of lower Michigan. We should have a better idea of the kind and amount of precipitation in the next few days, but be warned that this isn’t a storm we’re likely to circumnavigate.

As for the next few days, according to Weather.com, we’re expected to get more below-zero wind chills heading into the weekend, with lows in the single digits. But, by the middle of next week, we’re looking at a balmy 40 degrees. Break out the bikinis and trunks, right? The warmer temperatures on the way are why forecasters aren’t sure whether we’re going to get a solid storm next Wednesday and Thursday or more of a messy mix. My vote is for the latter, because at least a rain/snow mix will melt away sooner, and it’s usually not as bad for driving. As for this weekend, while lower Michigan is projected to get some light snow this weekend, it shouldn’t be anything too hefty, so enjoy the dry weekend while it lasts.

Reasons We Love Michigan in the Winter:

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