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If you’re a big fan on Long John Silvers, then bad news: One popular Long John Silvers restaurant is no longer standing. Hopefully they decide to rebuild it. Even those the restaurant is a chain, there’s something nostalgic – for me, at least – about that place. It brings back memories of going as a kid, since no matter where we were traveling, there was always a location not too far away.

Firefighters were called to respond to a massive fire at a Long John Silver’s in Flint Township Monday morning (Feb. 28). The fire took place right before 5 a.m., according to reports. The Flint Township fire chief reported that flames were spotted coming from the back of the building when crews first got on the scene, and they had to wait for more help to arrive before putting out the fire.

Nobody was in the building during the fire, so nobody was injured or worse. The building structure eventually collapsed from the fire. It was quite a scene on the road, too, as Linden Road was shut down between Miller and Bristol while the crew was putting out the fire and cleaning up. I used to commute to Flint and can only imagine how difficult it would be to get around with those roads closed off. Many local fire departments – including Flint Township, Burton, Mundy Township, Grand Blanc and Mt. Morris Township – were called on the scene.

No word yet on what caused the fire, but authorities are investigating. At least we can rest easy that nobody was hurt, because it could have gone another way. Let’s hope they decide to rebuild soon and bring Long John Silvers back to the Flint area.

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