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There’s something very American about a hamburger. Of course, it didn’t really originate in the U.S., but having a big, juicy burger and fries just feels like a major American meal. Thankfully, here in Michigan, we have a lots of great burger restaurants. You really can’t go wrong at any local burger spot.

The folks at FoodandWine.com have done the hard work to find the best burger in Michigan. I can only imagine how fun it was for them to taste tons of burgers throughout the state. I’m actually, a vegetarian, but I find that the best burger places also have a great vegetarian burger.

“Like a Texan waiting in line for barbecue, what I care about most these days is the meat,” the article states. “Is it good? Source high-quality beef, season and prepare it correctly, and I’m in. Put it on a really great bun, and we’ll be friends forever. Hold all the toppings or condiments, at least until I know what kind of foundation we’re standing on. Does anybody else feel me on this?”

So, what’s the best burger restaurant in Michigan? Motz’s Burgers in Detroit took the top honors. “Detroit is slider country, and has been for roughly a century now,” the article states. “If you know where to look, you will find a sprinkling of bite-sized burger joints for bite-sized burgers throughout the region, perhaps none quite so beloved as Motz’s, which has outlasted pretty much every other commercial business in hard-luck Delray, in its heyday known as Detroit’s Little Hungary.” They add, “Take a seat at the stainless steel counter facing the grill for a journey back in time. Watch the cooks press the fresh ground beef down on the grill with the onions, in various stages of caramelization; both go onto a fresh, locally-baked roll with pickles, ketchup, and mustard—a solid return on your $2.50 investment.” Find the full list here.

Things we love about Michigan in the summer:

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