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Who doesn’t love ramen? Add to that, ramen with homemade noodles, and you have a very special dish. Now, Michigan is getting a new ramen restaurant featuring homemade noodles and many more treats.

On a side note, it’s so nice to see new restaurants opening, after so many months of reporting on restaurants closing due to the pandemic of lack of staffing and resources. It’s inspiring to see new establishments pop up, and it also keeps life exciting. Yes, trying a new restaurant is excitement for me, since I love food so much.

Noodle Pig is on target to open in Grand Rapids’ Monroe North neighborhood this July of August, according to MLive. This restaurant features homemade noodles, custom and signature ramen bowls, boba tea and more, according to the publication.

Noodle Pig is the brainchild of Chris Wessely, an East Grand Rapids City Commissioner and Grand Rapids Community College culinary graduate. It’s described as a “a fast-casual concept, where customers can create their own ramen bowl or choose from seven signature options,” according to MLive, with all food being made in-house, from the noodles to the bone broth. The restaurant will also feature an authentic noodle-making machine, direct from Japan. Noodle Pig also wants to be able to sell beer, wine, and boozy boba drinks, so it’s requesting a liquor license, which I’m sure it will get.

One really nice aspect of Noodle Pig is that Wessely says a portion of his sales to charities focused on feeding hungry children. According to Wessely, between 50 cents and $1 from each ramen bowl sold will be given to the charities, according to MLive. Noodle Pig will be located on the first floor of 601 Bond Ave. NW. It will be next door to Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea. Congratulations to Wessely and the crew on their new endeavor.

Things we love about Michigan in the summer:

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