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Anyone who has been in the service industry knows how exciting it can be to get a big tip. I waitressed in college and still remember how nice it was to get some really big tips on certain nights.

Along those lines, a Michigan waitress was recently given a huge tip and had the best reaction to it. Thankfully, it was all caught on video for our viewing enjoyment.

Chauncey Pearce is a waitress at the Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids. She was super excited when her very first customers left her more than $1,400 as a tip. And, no, it wasn’t a mistake. They meant to really tip for more than 1K. So, who gave the big tip? It was a group called Generosity Lunch. The group heads to a restaurant each month, and each member brings $100 to pay for their meal. After the food and drink tab is paid, the rest of the money goes to the hard-working server as a tip. That usually amounts to a really big tip. I wish this group had been around when I was in college waitressing! This month, the group was at the Beltline Bar. They had 14 people in attendance, and a total of $1,700 was collected. After the food and drinks were paid for, Chauncey scored a tip of $1,451.41. It came at the perfect timing, too, as Chauncey said she had given a 30-day notice to her apartment and was supposed to move into a house, but that fell through. She added that she was going to come up with $2,333 in just three weeks. This is just the push she needed. Watch Pearce’s reaction below. These kind of feel-good stories always make my day.

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