According to, Vernors is going to unveil their first new flavor in decades. A Detroit original is ready to introduce Black Cherry Ginger soda to us. It will be available for a limited time during the summer.


Beth Hensen, from Keurig Dr. Pepper (who owns Vernors) says it is the first new flavor in over fifty years. The new soda will be exclusively distributed in Michigan (and Toledo, Ohio gets to share in the fun).

The new flavor will be available starting in August through October. It will be come in 20 oz, 2-liter bottles, and 12 packs of cans.

Vernors is one of the nation’s oldest soda drinks. Created by Detroiter James Vernor in 1866. James Vernor was a well respected pharmacist known for his meticulous care with his prescriptions. Vernors was created when James was experimenting to create a medical tonic using vanilla, spices and ginger. The company remained in the family until 1966 before it was sold.