Posterised or Pop Art styled Ice cream cornets. Holiday, vacation, seaside, chocolate, chocolate flake,

Coming Friday June 17th, Faygo has joined forces with Browndog Barlor and Restaurant to give us Michiganders the Faygo Ice Cream ” six pack!”

This special release has everyone anticipating this will be one for the books! Browndog Barlor announced on instagram how just last year they approached Faygo with the idea of a “six pack” ice cream feature and they stated ” Faygo literally and figuratively ate up the idea! ”

Browndog Barlor also stated “Faygo has even been out at our facility helping us dial in the Faygo flavors using their ACTUAL flavorings. So when you taste Rock & Rye because IT IS!”

Browndog has 2 locations, one in Farmington and another ion Northville. Which flavor are you trying ?

📸: Browndog