The New York Times has released its annual list of the best restaurants in America.

Michigan has some fantastic restaurants. I really believe the Mitten has some gems that are often overlooked, but maybe part of their charm is that they are hidden diamonds in the rough.

Now, the New York Times has released its annual list of the best restaurants in America. One Michigan spot made the cut. “We traveled widely and ate avidly as we built the annual list of our favorite restaurants in America,” the publication states. “From Oklahoma City to Juncos, Puerto Rico, to Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State, our food reporters, editors and critics found revelatory Ethiopian barbecue, innovative Haitian cooking and possibly the most delicious fried pork sandwich in the United States.”

They added, “While we love to see a dynamic new dining room open its doors, we’re equally impressed by kitchens that are doing their best work years in. So while some of our picks debuted just this summer, others have been around for decades. The one thing they do have in common: The food is amazing. These are the 50 restaurants we love most in 2022.”

So, which Michigan spot made the cut? Freya in Detroit. Of the spot, the publication station, “Located in a neighborhood where the bones of the city’s past economic might are still visible, Freya’s resourcefully repurposed building is a sign of more recent resilience. Inside, the soundtrack is chosen by diners from a collection of vinyl records listed in a bound volume, like bottles of wine; Motor City artists are well-represented. And still the thing that feels most Detroit about the place is its food. Douglas Hewitt, an owner, and the chef de cuisine Phoebe Zimmerman execute the four separate prix fixe menus — the vegan one is particularly impressive — with cool confidence, producing gorgeous, skillfully balanced dishes that deserve to be sources of hometown pride.” Find the full list here.

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