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DALLAS, TX - JULY 01: Bishop T.D. Jakes speaks during the MegaFest "Women Thou Art Loosed" closing session at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on July 1, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for MegaFest 2017)

At the end of last week’s Woman, Thou Art Loosed! The Grand Finale conference in Atlanta, Bishop T.D. Jakes  called his daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts to the stage to anoint her as the voice of a new generation of women’s ministry.

Jakes said, “Sarah Jakes Roberts, when you walk onto this stage, you are walking into your destiny. After 30 years of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! and 45 years of preaching the Gospel, the time has come that I must decrease, and you must increase. This is not an inheritance; this is a calling. You are not standing on this stage for family legacy. This is not a favor, but a divine assignment that Woman, Thou Art Loosed! must evolve.”

Bishop Jakes said that this was “not an ending, but a beginning” asking the audience to join Jakes Roberts in picking up her mantle of ministry.  In addition to her own ministry Jakes Roberts will now be the leader of the next generation of women’s leadership events saying, “We’ve just been loosed to evolve into the next dimension.”

Woman Evolve was founded by Sarah Jakes Roberts in 2017 with a mission to awaken, identify, and release the unique offering of the woman. The definition of womanhood continues to advance and so does a woman’s need to assess where she fits in the world around her. Woman Evolve encourages women to know they no longer must choose between a family and a career, but that they can have it all! More information about Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts can be found at (Source: PRNewswire)

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Sarah Jakes Robert is co-pastor at The Potter’s House, Denver and The Potter’s House at One LA, with her husband, Touré Roberts. The New York Times bestselling author, businesswoman, and media personality is also the daughter of media mogul and senior pastor of the Potter’s House, Bishop T.D. Jakes. Pastor Jakes Roberts recently had the baton passed to her from her father as the “voice of a new generation of ministry” from “Woman Thou Art Loosed” to “Women Evolved”

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