Belle Isle Giant Slide goes National….AGAIN!

Funny, dangerous, and viral are some of the ways to describe the Belle Isle giant slide. And now it’s national again on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel did a best of clips and the Belle Isle giant slide was in there along with 9 other contestants. Belle Isle took the win and GmacCash, famous for his song about the slide, performed on the show.

The Belle Isle slide opened on August 22, 2022, and the grand opening did not go as planned. According to, over 500 people went down the corrugated and bumpy slide. And thanks to the magic of TikTok and other social media, the bumps went viral. The slide was shut down promptly, but it only took moments for the slide to be the latest sensation. They removed the wax that had caused the slide to rocket people down and reopened it later that day.

The slide was built by the city in 1967. But was later replaced and moved to the Michigan State Fair Grounds. The slide was closed during the pandemic but was later reopened with unexpected results.

Soon after GmacCash, famous for his “We on the Lodge wit it” created his latest song “Giant Slide”. And after beating out a screaming squirrel guy, GmacCash got to perform on Jimmy Kimmel. The clip awards start on this clip at about the 7:30 mark. But if you want to see an awesome orangutan, start a few seconds before.