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Aromatic vanilla extract and beans on wooden table

Today is National Perfume Day! In honor of a national day I never knew existed… tracked hundreds of Google searches for popular scents over the last 12 months giving us Michigander’s favorites.

To compile the list, keywords were analyzed of America’s most popular scents from April 2022. From there they totaled up the overall number of searches for each smell… in each state.

So, what is Michigan’s favorite smell? An estimated 6,840 Michiganders searched for the smell of gasoline!

That revelation was followed by:

  • Smell of a new car — 4,800 monthly searches
  • Smell of coffee — 4,680 monthly searches
  • Smell of cinnamon — 3,960 monthly searches
  • Smell of melting chocolate — 3,600 monthly searches
  • Smell of nail polish — 2,640 monthly searches
  • Smell of vanilla — 2,640 monthly searches
  • Smell of log fires — 2,160 monthly searches
  • Smell of bacon — 1,920 monthly searches
  • Smell of Christmas trees — 1,800 monthly searches

I’m amused and concerned.

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