A cookies and cream milkshake sits on a wooden table in a tall glass with a spoon beside it. There is a large chocolate sandwich cookie in the milkshake along with crumbled chocolate cookies. There are two old-fashioned red-and-white straws standing in the glass.

Summer is on the way, and that that means it’s milkshake time. Michigan has plenty of spots to get your milkshake on, and I’m actually happy to do it any time of the year. But, honestly, summer is the best time to enjoy a milkshake to cool off in all the heat.

LoveFood.com recently put together a study to determine the best place to get a milkshake in each state. “Milkshakes are about as American as apple pie, and every state has their own mouth-watering options,” they state in the article. I couldn’t agree more. “Read on for our pick of the best of them, from towering freak shakes heavy with toppings to deliciously understated chocolate and vanilla options.” What’s extra cool is that they also suggest what kind of milkshake to try at each of these establishments. I think mint is my favorite flavor for a milkshake, but chocolate-chip is a close second.

So, which ice cream shop in Michigan has the best milkshakes in the entire state? According to the study, it’s the flavor “Vanilla” at Mudgie’s Deli and Bar in Detroit. “Mudgie’s Deli is a favorite in the Detroit area and it keeps punters happy with its sandwiches and soups,” LoveFood.com states. “Those with a sweet tooth will know Mudgie’s makes a mean milkshake too: a classic vanilla shake, made with local Calder Dairy ice cream, is the way to go. It’s pictured here cut through with hot fudge.” I’m determined to get one of those milkshakes the next time I’m in that area. I might venture outside of vanilla, though. I prefer more complex milkshake favors, such as cookie dough or mint chocolate-chip. But, there’s no denying that vanilla is a classic. Find the full list of the best milkshakes in every state here.

Michigan Cities with the Lowest Median Household Income

  • Michigan Cities with the Lowest Median Household Income

    Source: ZipAtlas.com

  • Nahma, Michigan


  • Tower, Michigan


  • East Lansing, Michigan (college town)


  • Oden, Michigan


  • Felch, Michigan


  • Hadley, Michigan


  • Sidnaw, Michigan


  • Idlewild, Michigan


  • Nottawa, Michigan


  • Ralph, Michigan


  • Lake George, Michigan


  • Alpha, Michigan


  • Highland Park, Michigan


  • Toivola, Michigan


  • Baldwin, Michigan


  • Stambaugh, Michigan


  • Allouez, Michigan


  • South Range, Michigan


  • Prescott, Michigan


  • Seney, Michigan


  • Elm Hall, Michigan


  • Hulbert, Michigan


  • Covert, Michigan


  • Elberta, Michigan


  • Ahmeek, Michigan


  • Copper City, Michigan


  • Caspian, Michigan


  • New Troy, Michigan


  • Bitely, Michigan


  • Hamtramck, Michigan


  • Ramsay, Michigan


  • Benton Harbor, Michigan


  • South Branch, Michigan


  • Calumet, Michigan


  • Mcbrides, Michigan


  • White Pine, Michigan


  • Topinabee, Michigan


  • Ironwood, Michigan


  • Houghton, Michigan


  • Gould City, Michigan


  • Barton City, Michigan


  • Mio, Michigan


  • Kearsarge, Michigan


  • Germfask, Michigan


  • Germfask, Michigan


  • Harrison, Michigan


  • Glennie, Michigan


  • Detroit, Michigan


  • Saint Helen, Michigan


  • Curtis, Michigan


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