It seems like the great chicken sandwich war is a thing of the past. It all started when Popeye’s sold out of its tasty fried chicken sandwich back in 2019. Back then, customers would wait in long lines just to get a bite. In fact, several fast-food brands added fried chicken sandwiches to their menus during year or two after. Though delicious, there’s another spot to check out what was named Michigan’s best chicken sandwich.

The team at has put together a list of the best chicken sandwiches in every state across the nation. Their selections are based on genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of our team. “You might think it’s easy to put together a chicken sandwich, but making a great one is a lot harder than it looks,” they said.

According to the foodie website, the best chicken sandwich in Michigan can be found in downtown Ypsilanti. They said “You’ll find heaven” at Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken. Two sandwiches were highlighted as customer favorites, which are The OG and The Hot Chick. The OG combines fried breast or thigh with cheddar, smoked gouda, slaw, and pickles. While The Hot Chick is finished with Nashville hot baste and served with bacon, lettuce, tomato, jalapeño ranch, and pepper jack cheese.

Currently, Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken has 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Recently, a customer in the Dayton, Ohio area said that Ma Lou’s is worth the drive and always a treat. “Best chicken sandwich in America? Yes. Sides are amazing. Worth the drive. I’ve been known to stop for lunch on my way to a game and stop for dinner on the way home.”

Another review encouraged customers to “not sleep on” Ma Lou’s. “Don’t be sleeping on Ma Lou’s. Best chicken sandwich in the state and perhaps the country. Seasoned, made to perfection with tasty sweet potatoes. Run don’t walk to Ma Lou’s,” the review said.

The restaurant is located at 15 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti. See how other states measured up here.

Chess Pie, Neapolitan Pie + More: Why This MI Pie Shop Rules

Recently, 24/7 Wall St. put together a list of the best pie shop in every state. They gathered their data by consulting reviews and rankings on a wide range of websites, including Yelp, Taste of Home, Thrillist, Fodors, Food Network, Spoon University, Forbes, Delish, and The Daily Meal, as well as numerous local and regional sites.

They also gave more consideration to shops who specialize in pies. “While precedence was given to shops specializing in pies (often with “pie” in their name), in some cases bakeries with more general focus and occasionally places that are primarily cafés were included, if they were highly rated for their pies.”

The best pie shop in Michigan is in Detroit

If you’re looking for Michigan’s best pie, you should check out their top pick, Sister Pie. Specifically, recommended is the pie shop’s salted caramel pie. This isn’t the first time the pie shop has been recognized. Another publication, Food & Wine ranked the best breakfast spot in every state and Sister Pie led Michigan once again. They also highlighted the shop’s salted maple muffins as well as their cardamom tahini squash pie.

Many restaurants have things that make them unique. Some things that people enjoy about Sister Pie is their ties to the community, variety of menu items, their merch, and that they offer classes.

The pie shop started a Neighborhood Fund during the height of the pandemic. Customers offered to help pay for others’ groceries during the stay-at-home order. Now, they’re carrying it on to make sure their baked goods and grocery options remain accessible for all. And if you’re interested to learn how they do what they do, customers can sign up for baking classes.

Here are 5 Sister Pie items you should check out.

  • Peanut Butter Banana Buns

    Sister Pie offers seasonal items such as muffins, scones, and buns. They switch it up often, so you’re in for a surprise with every visit.


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  • Ricotta Rice Pudding Pie

    You can snag yourself a slice or the entire pie when it comes to the Ricotta Rice Pudding Pie. However, this option is only available in store on Fridays and Saturdays according to their site.


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  • Bittersweet Chocolate Chess Pie

    All of their menu items are available in the shop on a first come, first served basis. They do offer pre-orders that can be placed online by visiting their site.


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  • Beet Soup

    It looks like a bowl of purple liquid but it’s way more than that. It’s Sister Pie’s Beet soup. Someone commented on their Instagram and said “This was amazing!!! My fave soup so far!” This could be your next favorite soup.


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  • Egg-on-Top Galettes

    In addition to Sister Pie’s seasonal items, they have permanent menu treats like their “Spranola” or the Sister Pie Granola and the Egg-on-top Gallette.


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  • Neapolitan Pie

    The Neapolitan pie is an all-butter crust, ruby chocolate ganache, chocolate pudding-mousse-type filling, and a pile of whipped cream. On Pi-Day they sold out of this flavor according to their Instagram. They are available for pre-order. If you want to give this pie a try, you may want to plan ahead.