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Source: The Telegraph

Women are more moral than men, with those over 30 years old having the strongest values, a survey has suggested.

The study, which measured responses to questions about honesty and competency, showed females are more likely to make decisions based on how they impact on others.

It also suggest the moral compass of both men and women alters with age, become less obedient but more able to use reason, until they reach a “peak of our intellectual and moral powers” in early 60s, according to a leading philosopher.

Professor Roger Steare based his conclusions on a “Moral DNA test,” which he developed four years ago to measure changes in people’s value systems.

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Around 60,000 volunteers across 200 countries have already taken the quiz, encompassing a variety of jobs and social status to help understand what influences morality.

Participants were asked to make statements about their work and home lives, including judgments on whether those around them would consider them honest.

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