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This is an age-old argument and before the war begins, I encourage you to read this article from Christian Post writer Lillian Kwon. I think you’ll be surprised. ~Randi

Is Tithing an Iron-Clad Rule for Christians?

The question remains for many Christians today: Does the Bible require believers to tithe (or give 10 percent of their income) just as God’s followers did in the Old Testament?

The short answer: yes and no, according to evangelical pastor J.D. Greear.

Pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, N.C., Greear has received many questions about whether or not tithing is biblical. The question, many times, goes back to “are we under law or under grace?”

Greear maintains that although “Jesus left us under NO PART of the law, not the tithe or anything else,” the idea of giving 10 percent of all that God gives remains a “good guide.”

“We are no longer under the theocratic nation state of Israel, but how God has set up his economy for His people has not changed,” he wrote in a blog post. “The law was given to help people live in the shalom of God. That’s what gives the law (principles like taking a Sabbath and the tithe) an enduring effect.”

Tithing, he stressed, is not an “iron-clad rule” for Christians as it was for Israelites. At the same time, the Gospel calls for a higher level of response to God’s laws, he argued.

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“[T]he law said ‘Don’t murder;’ yet, Jesus said the Gospel demanded we love our brother always and not hate him, not even our enemies,” he wrote. “So, if the law says ‘Give 10%,’ what kind of generosity does the Gospel call for? Would it not be GREATER generosity than 10%, just as the other commands were also intensified in Christ?”

A report released last year on the “state of church giving through 2009” revealed that tithing among Protestants hit its lowest level in 41 years. Parishioners were only giving about 2.38 percent of their income to the church in 2009, down from 2.43 percent in 2008, according to the report by empty tomb, inc.

Also, a 2011 survey found that a majority of evangelical leaders do not believe the Bible requires tithing. The National Association of Evangelicals survey revealed that 58 percent do not believe tithing is required while 42 percent do.

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