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I read lots of articles everyday from various online publications and this article from The Christian Post stuck out for me… not so much on the subject but for the comments at the end. There are those who decidedly won’t deal with the issue of Hell and whether it exists or not. Even from the pulpit. Read on… 

Whatever Happened to Hell?

By Jerry Newcombe, CP Guest Contributor

Many years ago, when cartoonist Johnny Hart was alive, he had a comic panel that was misunderstood. One of his caveman characters in BC was standing behind a rock (like a store counter) with the slogan saying in effect, “Gospel available here.” The next panel showed another caveman asking, “What’s the Gospel?” And the final frame showed the first caveman saying, “beats the Hell out of me.”

Understandably, some conservative religious leaders thought Johnny was being sacrilegious and called for a protest against him and his newspaper syndicate. Thankfully, it never went anywhere because Johnny had been misunderstood.

I know for a fact Johnny was a man of faith, and his point was that the Gospel was the solution to the problem of Hell, which Johnny took very seriously.

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Hell is not a popular doctrine for obvious reasons. Just this month, we saw the republishing (into paperback) of a major seller that for all practical purposes denies Hell (or the import of it). What makes this more difficult to stomach is that it was written by “an evangelical pastor.”

Sixteen months ago, Rev. Rob Bell published the book, Love Wins, which denied a critical aspect of Hell. He didn’t deny it exists; he denies essentially that any people will go there.

Its success was phenomenal in that the book spent twenty weeks on the New York Times’ bestseller list. Belief in Hell doesn’t seem to be taken too seriously these days.

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