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FAURIAAfter head coach Jim Caldwell informed us last week, that second-year tight end Joe Fauria,  had injured his ankle at home last Wednesday night, many people began to speculate whether Fauria really injured his ankle at home and how he did it. In fact, there were quite a few rumors that Fauria had injured his ankle some other way beyond what we were told.

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However, on Monday, Fauria put an end to any rumors, as he chatted with reporters for quite a while about how he sustained his “mysterious” ankle injury last Wednesday night. Wearing a boot on his left foot with crutches next to him, Fauria said he injured the ankle when he missed the last two steps of a wooden staircase at home while running down them to prevent his three-month old half-Pomeranian half-husky dog, “Lil Rufio”, from urinating in the house.

“I hate to blame it on Lil Rufio but it is kind of his fault, and mine too, for not being athletic enough to catch myself,” Fauria said. “He was about to pee and I was like, ‘Come here you little … nugget,’ and I was running downstairs, but kind of was doing it a little faster than usual. I missed the last two steps, and my carpet goes to hardwood. And I was wearing socks, and I just put all my weight down on my left foot.”

“It was kind of an agonizing pain.”

Although, Fauria said it was tough watching his teammates play on Sunday against the Jets, he joked that he nearly sprained his right ankle while celebrating fellow tight end Eric Ebron’s touchdown and that he called Jeremy Ross’s touchdown when the ball was in the air.

“I hate being out here on crutches and not being able to help my team, but we’re still winning.” Fauria said of Sunday’s win against the Jets. “(Its) kind of cool knowing all the plays and knowing what’s going to be run. I kind of called (Jeremy Ross’) touchdown, and I almost sprained my other ankle when I saw Eric (Ebron) score. So it was awesome seeing them win, but it’s also really difficult.”

“I’m just going to use that as fuel to get back as soon as possible.”

One thing is for sure, the Lions have certainly had their fair share of odd injuries. Last year, the Lions lost wide receiver Nate Burleson for several games after he broke his arm in a car accident which he caused by steering into a wall while reaching over into the passenger seat to keep a pizza from sliding onto the floor of the car.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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